Mindful Meal Planning

“Americans have been educated by the fast food industry. And they adopt the values of fast, cheap, and easy. We’re not just talking about food – we’re talking about architecture, we’re talking about entertainment, we’re talking about everything we do: we want it fast, cheap, and easy. And food is something that’s precious. Really, really precious.” – Alice Waters

This is where the rubber meets the road for fighting food addiction and establishing mindful consumption (if you haven’t read my previous post about food addiction, you may want to go back and read that first). Anticipating and preparing for the pitfalls that trigger binging and poor food choices is the key to success. Remember, it’s all about mindfulness and intentionality. Plantoeat.com has become my lifeline and helps me decide, ahead of time, to prioritize my health. Here are the advantages of Plantoeat.com:

Meal Planner –
Plantoeat.com helps me plan out my culinary defense through its meal planner, where I can drag and drop recipes from my recipe book into the days when I want to eat them.

Shopping List –
It then takes my planned meals and condenses all the ingredients I need into one shopping list. The list is editable, so you can cross off the ingredients you already have in your pantry, manually add things (like toothpaste or soap), and check off items as you stick them in your shopping cart.

Recipe Clipper –
I just love the incredibly handy recipe clipper Chrome extension that quickly imports recipes from your favorite websites into your Plantoeat.com recipe book. It literally takes two clicks and you’re done!

Recipe storage and sharing –
All my recipes are safely stored and can easily be shared with friends, even if they don’t have their own Plantoeat.com account. If they do have an account, I can browse their ‘cookbooks’. My mom has an account and this proves super helpful when I need to dig up old family recipes I may not have on hand. You can also temporarily alter recipes to increase or decrease the yield. If you’re as terrible at math as I am, this is a lifesaver.

Cooking view –
This recipe viewing option is so helpful while cooking your planned meals. My laptop is always set up on the bar, away from the cooking “splash zone,” and the magnified cooking view helps me keep track of where I am in the process.

Often I will prep the week’s meals on the weekend (all the chopping, browning, seasoning, etc.) to help keep my time in the kitchen at a minimum during the week. My favorite are ‘dump’ meals that I assemble in a bowl or ziplock and then dump into the crockpot the morning of the day we want to eat them. Plantoeat.com makes this prepping so much easier. I would encourage anyone who cooks and/or eats to use this tool and, fortunately, this week memberships will be heavily discounted but only for a limited time! So hurry over, check it out, and add me as a friend. Let’s share recipes!


I am not a nutritionist, dietitian, or health professional. This post is purely commentary based on my personal experience. I encourage my readers to seek professional help for any health issues, physical or mental.

  • Mariann ingrasci
    Posted at 22:00h, 21 November Reply

    Very good info Lauren! I will check out plantoeat.com! Thank you for sharing!

  • Carlene Reaves
    Posted at 09:24h, 25 November Reply

    Lauren sweets! This is great, going to give it a try!
    Love you oodles

    • blank
      Lauren Cibene
      Posted at 21:33h, 14 January Reply

      Let me know if you get an account – we can be friends and share recipes!

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