How To Throw The Perfect Party

YAY! You are planning a party! I wish I could come, I love a good party! In fact, parties are kind of my thing – dreaming them up, planning them, putting them together, and enjoying them. I live for it! There are so many wonderful moments in life that deserve to be celebrated. So here’s a little help to make the celebration stress-free!


STEP ONE: Pick a Date and Time

Seasons have a big impact on the party throwing process. From weather to seasonal colors, it’s important to plan your party accordingly. This is also applicable to the time of day. A late evening party will have a whole different feel and menu than one thrown in the morning. For parties taking place in the hottest or coldest months of the year, it may be better to host your party inside. But in those sweet, cool months – an outdoor shindig is a must!

STEP TWO: Choose a Theme and Stick To It!

This might be the most important step! Every party has a theme, it’s the foundation on which parties are built! There are tons of themes to choose from and each comes with so many ideas for every aspect of a party. From games to decorations, favors, and food – the theme affects it all. So get creative here and go all out! I love fun themes that really highlight the reason for celebration. For example, how perfect are rain-themed baby “showers”? Or carnival-themed birthday parties? The theme gives you a blank canvas (think of it as paint-by-numbers) on which you can build a fun and beautiful party.

STEP THREE: Location Shopping

The location is so important when it comes to planning a party. When looking for a location (or if you already have one in mind) be thinking of what you were hoping to have set up at the party and how many guests you will be hosting. In smaller spaces, it may not be the best idea to have a separate drink and food station whereas in a larger space, you could include more options like entry tables for guest book signing and a decked out dessert table. Be mindful of what you can realistically do in the space you have and use that to your advantage.

STEP FOUR: Dream Up the Perfect Menu

As a true foodie, this is my favorite part. It’s also guaranteed to be the favorite of all of your guests because (let’s be honest) the main reason people attend parties is for the food… it’s just who we are! If you are throwing a party for someone, why not try asking them for a list of their favorite foods and desserts? That’s a fun way to make the party more personal and enjoyable for your guest of honor.

STEP FIVE: Games and Activities

I, for one, love cheesy party games and icebreakers. I once attended a baby shower and won every game…. No joke. I left that party with forty dollars in gift cards. I may have had to drink milk from a tiny baby bottle (which is so much harder than you’d think!), but it was a good day! Games are a fun and exciting way to keep your guests engaged. Why not try some baby bingo at a baby shower or toilet paper dresses at a bridal shower. Also, if you plan on giving prizes to game winners, try to think of fun prizes that are on the affordable side! Especially because you’ll have to have several of these to give out as there can be more than one winner in certain games! Personally, I love giving bath bombs or fun kitchen trinkets that I get from World Market of Target’s dollar section. Also, tiny jars filled with honey or spices are always fun!

STEP SIX: Tie It All Together In a Big Bow

When all the daydreaming is said and done, the real fun starts. The decoration and details are what really ties a party all together. It takes all aspects of the planning and brings it to life. If you’re going for a fairy theme, why not have wings and wands for all the guests, little jars of glitter or “fairy dust” placed on the tables, and mini desserts covered in sprinkles. Or perhaps for an elegant shower, you could play up the simplicity of pearl accents and crystal serving dishes while your guests sip on hot tea. Amazon, Etsy, Marshals, Hobby Lobby, Target, and Michaels are my favorite go-to stores when throwing a party. Anywhere with a dollar section or free and fast shipping is a must. (Check out Meri Meri products for the most beautiful paper party supplies… you’ll thank me later). Go shopping for supplies with your friends, it helps to have several creative minds offering fresh and unique ideas.

STEP SEVEN: The Real Deal

Give yourself enough time to set up! This is something I’m guilty of not doing! I always think I’ll have more time than I actually do and then I end up running around like a crazy person the day of the party. Everything comes together in the end but it’s still stressful leading up to that moment! So, make sure you have enough time. Have all of your items cooked or in the oven so that when the guests arrive, they’re not waiting for food. What I’m really saying is, make a schedule! It is so nice to be able to rely on a piece of paper that you wrote when you were sane rather than the mad whims of the stressed party planner you will have become that day. What’s even better is if you can lay out all of your supplies and decorations in one place so that you’re sure you haven’t forgotten a thing! And don’t be afraid to ask some friends/guests to come early and help you set up! Don’t feel like you have to do it all on your own. I’m sure you can already think of who you’d call – we all have those friends that love to help out!

STEP EIGHT: Hostess With the Mostest

Yes, as the host you will have to top up the drink dispenser or lay out more crackers but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! You planned this thing! Now enjoy it! If you’ve planned it well enough and stuck to your lists and schedules, there shouldn’t be anything extra to worry about! Now is your time to celebrate with your guest of honor and enjoy those sweets you’ve been eying!


I hope these steps help you throw your perfect party! You can do it, friend! And remember to enjoy each step of the process! Party’s are meant to be fun and I hope that you have loads of fun at your party!

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